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School Software


The growth in the education industry has seen a radical change in the past few years. To keep up with the development and have an effective management in place, a school definitely needs an effective solution. The tremendous demand can only be overcome by a complete software suite to manage all the resources of the school in an optimized way.

Our School Management Software is the much needed solution for simplifying every aspect of management of a school. This software is mainly dedicated to the academic, administrative and financial management efficiently catering to the communication and information needs of the entire school. Our sole motto is to empower the school management and revolutionize the way it is run.

Everyone related to the school, the administrators, the teachers, the students and even the parents are going to be benefited by this software. It helps in improving the overall standard of the school.

Our School Management Software has the following features :

  • This software is easy to use and implement organizing all the information in a secured database ready for providing real time information.
  • Everything is managed and stored securely from admissions to attendance to grading information; there is no room for mistakes in this software
  • Keeping tab on the whole fees collection process is no longer a headache with our software.
  • Examination records are much safer and secured in this software's database.
  • The complete student profile, their attendance module and their mark sheet are all easily accessible and can be generated electronically real fast.
  • This software is a helping hand of the teachers in their every function from grading to making time table to keeping tab on every student's development.
  • Parents can be alerted to all the happenings in the school and their children's regular activities through this software.

You get all this and many more features at one price and there are no separate charges included for other aspects of the hotel management.

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