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Affiliated Software


As you all know, Expansion without Affiliation is just impossible in the current trend of Globalization. In same manner the world of Internet marketing treat affiliate software a vital part in marketing products and services.

It is compatible with most shopping carts, signup forms and online ordering systems. This is a 100% web-based affiliate tracking software solution. Once installed all administration of affiliates is performed through your browser. Our affiliate tracking software is purchased for a one-time license fee and installed on your web server.

Here are some of the main features of our affiliate software :-

Feature List :

  • Written for Linux PHP platform.
  • Installation and Support included with purchase.
  • Support for most of online store.
  • Supports up to 3 tiers of affiliate tracking.
  • Sub Affiliate Tracking.
  • Flexible Commissions.
    It supports Per Sale Commissions (Flat Rate or Percentage of Sale), Per Lead Commissions, and Per Click Commissions. Each Affiliate can support one or all types and can have individual rates for each type.
  • Bonus Commissions.
    Bonus commissions can be given to affiliates for signing up other affiliates. Bonuses can also be paid on the unlimited sale or lead.
  • Advanced Reporting.
    software offers numerous advanced reports to help you measure affiliate performance. All statistics are recorded on a daily basis so date-specific reports can be presented to the nearest day.
  • Announcements Option.
  • Supports rich Media Banners.
    This supports many Rich Media banners including FLASH, JavaScript, HTML, Popup Banners and others. Support for an unlimited number of Banners. You create the banners of any size then let your members decide which ones they display on their site.
  • Franchise desk and control.
    Commission calculation from admin side.

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