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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will this software support my own compensation plan ?

A.Yes, The software will support your own compensation plan, We can customize our basic prototype to match your plan. Send your compensation plan to [email protected] so that our network engineers will analyze and give you the estimate.

Q. What are the different software packages provided ?

A.CBO Direct Selling Software provides Basic MLM software package which includes the packages E-pin, back office etc. you can see what is icluded from here.

You can add any addons features to the basic software package like

  • Replicated website
  • Multi Languages
  • Multi Currency etc.

Q. How much does a MLM Software cost ?

A.The basic software cost starts from 1200$.

Q. What are the different payment supported ?

A.First You have to make an advance payment. You can pay the payment via International bank /wired transfer, Paypal etc.

Q. How can I buy the CBO Direct Selling Software ?

A.You can buy the CBO Direct Selling software by submitting the form.or send a email to [email protected] with details of your compensation plan. You will get response with detail quotation with in 24 hour. After confirming the quotation, you can pay the payment via International bank /wired transfer etc.

Q. Is this software support different languages ??

A.Yes, CBO Direct Selling Software support different languages like English, Spanish, Italian, French and German, also we can provide any language as per the customer preference.

Q. Does my CBO Direct Selling Software is integrated with SMS ?

A.Yes, CBO Direct Selling software is integrated with SMS click to see our SMS integration features.

Q. Will my online MLM Software includes E-pin ?

A. Yes, The CBO Direct Selling Software includes both E-pin.

Q. Is Email integration available?

A.Yes, CBO Direct Selling software is integrated with Email.The software will be integrated with your e-mail from the Registration step itself.

Q. Is there any Annual Maintenance Charge?

A. Yes, there is an annual maintenance cover, which costs only 5% of total Software cost.

Q.Can I try demo before ordering the software ?

A. Yes, you can always take a look at our MLM Software demo in our site, based upon the plan you want.

Q. How long do I get support after purchase?

A. CBO Direct Selling Software will provide a 6 Month free support after the purchase, However Premium support for one year is also available with additional payment.

Q. Can we sell products through this software?

A. Yes, by integrating E-commerce with MLM software you can add products and sell through the shopping cart system. From the E-commerce backoffice, can see the orders and also can update the order status.

Q.What is the Use of E-Pin?

A. E-Pin is a security code generated by software for handling on the internet dealings very easy like registration and purchase.

Q.What are the plans supported by Infinite MLM software?

A. Infinite MLM Software support the following compensation plan
  • Binary Plan
  • Matrix Plan
  • Uni level Plan
  • Party Plan
  • Australian Binary Plan
  • Generation Plan
  • Stair Step Plan
  • Mono line Plan
  • Spill over Plan
  • Australian X-Up Plan
  • Gift Plan

Q.What are the plans supported by Infinite MLM software?

A.Yes, we can install the software in your server. The server should be Linux based and must be installed LAMP package.

Q.What are the plans supported by CBO Direct Selling software?

A. CBO Direct Selling Software supports Paypal payment gateway.