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E Pin

E-Pin Generator for Multi Level.

E-Pin is very useful for MLM companies. It is the best way for payment. Most of the MLM Companies want to sale their products and sign-up through e-pin. By this way, you can collect payment from members. This software manages e-pin & secures the transactions. E-Pin is a security code generated by software for handling on the internet dealings very easy like registration and product shipping.

E-pins are produced using MLM, an application for functioning MLM Activities including Signing Up new Associates, Program Upgradation, and Participant Restoration etc. Infinite MLM Software comes with an E-Pin generator which provides E-Pins and helps to process user registration using produced E-pin. An E-pin can be produced instantly by the website admin. Later, the admin will deliver this E-pin to the new or current members via E-mail or through incorporating SMS Gateways. For a user, E-pin provides the key to making new access. Let us see what is the value of using E-pin in MLM Application

The CBO Direct Selling Software is designed by fulfilling each and every aspect of E-pin management system ensuring 100% flexible user experience.

Advantage of Using Infinite MLM Software’s E-Pin System

  • Secured Transaction Each E-pin is an exclusive code which is arbitrarily produced by MLM Software and it is difficult to guess an E-pin.
  • Versatile Transactions To plan and set up tickets based on the priority and examine the status, and keeping updated about what needs to be solved next.
  • Reporting System Custom designed fields to collect exact information from the customer side without asking and replying.

All reviews and records of every E-pin produced, used, obstructed is managed to allow easy and effective monitoring of every single E-Pin process.

The company can make an unlimited number of e-pin by using the software. This makes the business more versatile. Features Organization can make endless e-pin. Pin Confirming ability. Business / Participant Getting using e-pin. E-Pin Deliver through SMS or Email.

Module Includes

  • Generate & Request E-Pin
  • Show E-Pin Request
  • Allocate E-Pin
  • Block E-Pin
  • Edit, Delete E-Pin
  • Show E-Pin
  • E-pin Status
  • Search E-Pin
  • Send e-pin by SMS
  • E-Pin Wise Report