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M-Commerce :

M-Commerce or the mobile commerce is the latest addition in the trend of using networks on mobile phones. It is part of E-Commerce done through mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablets. It is convenient for the customer as it allows making transaction on their mobiles. Like E-commerce, mobile commerce doesn't require to go to stone in person. It's even more convenient than E-commerce as a customer can carry mobile everywhere. You can do shopping on your mobile anytime you want. Online transaction within few minutes enables a customer to shop easily according to their convenience.

C.B Online Pvt Ltd is an online software solution provider aims to provide its services through M-commerce. Its various products and services can now be availed through your mobile. With M-commerce the company wishes to enhance consumer interaction by providing end to end application experience. There is more to mobile commerce than just shopping online from mobile. It has outgrown its purpose of just online transaction. Today mobile commerce is used for providing enhanced end to end customer experience. Like traditional businesses it is extremely important to have a deep understating of the customers and have good relationship with customers

Objective of M-Commerce
  • The main aim of M-commerce is to improve the convenience of trading and also to implement electronic money solutions for quicker purchase of goods.
  • Through M-commerce we wish to extend our services to our customers through mobile version of the websites.
  • Delivering value to the customer always, irrespective of his geographical location, as long as he/she is within the connection range.
  • To enhance interaction with the customers through mobile application that provides the customers with vital information about the products and services.
  • To strengthen relationship with the customers by providing personalized content on the mobile according to the needs of the customer.
  • To provide information, to solicit information and in general to share insights that will make the relationship richer and more beneficial to both parties.
Advantages of M-commerce
  • M-commerce provides wider reach as it is independent of any geographical location or time.
  • The advantages of mobile commerce include its accessibility to everyone in performing transactions.
  • It is also convenient and easy as one no longer needs to go to a physical store.
  • It is also both money and time-saving to its customers.
  • Consumers will have access to plenty of products on their mobile phone.

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