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CBO Wallet has a complete end-to-end proven mobile wallet solution ready for immediate implementation.

  • Suitable for telcos, banks, financial institutions or companies willing to offer mWallet services to their users.

  • Solutions empower service providers to open new revenue streams through a variety of payment methods

  • A large range of financial services targeted for retail sector.

  • The products cover different aspects of user�s financial and expenditure behavior.

  • Can be accessed through different devices and platforms.

CBO Wallet next generation mobile wallet platform allows unify mobile payment features under a single mobile wallet eco-system, providing a complete financial relationship with the consumers.

Our exciting range of mobile payment solutions align with the requirements of various verticals, providing continued high-quality, yet cost effective operational services and ensuring higher returns on investment.

Unique Features

  • Next generation mWallet with wide range of products

  • Products covers different aspects of user expenditure behavior, like NFC Ticketing, Fund Transfers, Retail Shopping, Merchant Payment, Bill Payment, Promotion and Loyalty, Pay Parking, Survey, Merchant Deals, School Fee, etc.

  • Multi-language and multi-currency supports.

  • Accessible through different platforms i.e. Web, ATM, POS, USSD, SMS, NFC, J2ME, Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows.

  • Secure, scalable and robust platform and guarantees 99.9% availability

  • 24x7x365 days assurance protection against thefts and frauds

  • Decision Support System for top management to make better decisions.

  • Fully customizable and flexible KYC for all types of users.

  • Highly configurable commission structure for all the services.

  • Open APIs for Banks, Telcos, Merchants, Utilities Companies for integration.

Key Benefits

To Provider

  • Revenue: Opens up new and growing revenue opportunities and to capitalize on key market trends.

  • Security: Enables wallet providers assure their users a secure and seamless experience for mobile payments.

  • Integration: Well defined APIs that allows quick and easy integration for cost-effective deployment. Also provides freedom to integrate with your existing systems and services

  • Customer retention: Provides with the opportunity to benefit from business improvements in ARPU and strengthen customer satisfaction

  • Promotional benefits: Offering unique and attractive subscribers engagement services such as promotion and loyalty, merchant deals, etc.

To End-User

  • Convenience: Provides personalized convenience to mobile phone users that they can perform financial transactions from anywhere, anytime.

  • Security: provides extra layer of security for transactions and meets industry standards.

  • Flexibility: Multiple functionality systems covering all the different categories of users including the banked and the unbanked.

  • Loyalty: Enhances customer loyalty through various options of mobile payments.

  • Reliability: Building reliability by providing maximum adoption of proposed mobile wallet systems.

  • Seamless Access: User friendly interfaces and platforms provide seamless access to mobile payment services.

  • Notifications & Alerts: Through various alerts and notifications consumers are kept up to date about their financial activities.

CBO Wallet Products :

Fund Transfer

Allows a user to transfer eMoney to another mWallet user

Allows both banked and unbanked consumers to perform various financial activities

Both the mobile operators and financial institutions have a new transaction-based revenue opportunity.

Bill Payments

Offers a hassle free and a secure way to make instant payment for utility bills

Allows uses to register with multiple bill payment companies

Both registered and non-registered users can pay for utility bills

Mobile TopUp

Offers operators reduced airtime distribution costs

Offers mobile wallet users a personalized air time top up mechanism

Allows users to recharge prepaid mobile phone account anytime, anywhere

NFC Bus / Train Ticketing

Offers instant digital ticketing service via NFC Card or NFC mobile phone

Allows both commuters as well as transport authorities to maintain records of digital tickets

Facilitates instant notification system for ticket purchase through SMS

NFC Retail Shopping

Offers cashless and quick transaction processing

Allows authorization to multiple users to handle transactions and complete control of account management

Offers convenience to customers to move and pay with a simple tap

NFC Pay Parking

Provides cashless and mobile form of vehicle parking services

Allows the parking providers to set time based, entry based and shift based parking rates and renewal reminders

Reduces a large sum of vehicle parking operating costs

The system can be accessed by USSD/NFC

Merchant Payments

Provides a real-time acceptance of payments made via mobile phone for both in-store and online

Open APIs to support integration with the existing POS systems

Instant transaction rollback feature

Provides NFC capabilities for fast and secure transactions

Promotion And Loyalty

Empowers providers to utilize buyer and seller interactions through various promotion and loyalty events

Allows define targeted promotional campaign

Offers real-time transaction-based customer analytics to evaluate and track a campaign's effectiveness

Merchant Deals

Set up virtual store fronts to promote and launch their own deals.

Offers merchants a kind of advertising and real-time daily deals service for various products.

Allows both registered and non-registered users to access deals

Internet Data Plan

Allows different telcos to setup their data plans in the system and offers a user choose the best plan according to his needs

Provide a detailed view of multiple plans with pricing, bandwidth, validity, etc.

User can buy the plan for himself or his friends/relatives

USSD Survey

Allows merchants to conduct quick, live and in real-time, and session based not transaction based survey and poll

Enables enhance customer interaction, drive service usage and increase revenue

Offers merchants to set up USSD surveys via portal, allowing both registered as well anonymous user to participate in the survey

No requirement of Internet and works on 99% of the worlds mobile phones

Subordinate Wallet

This unique offering allows merchants or agents to authorize their subordinates to use a single wallet.

Instant SMS notifications and alerts keep the real owner of the mWallet updated about every transactions made by their subordinates

Allows merchants to manage subordinate login account

School Fee

Offers school and education establishments to provide mobile phone based school fee payment system

Allows schools to receive payments directly to bank account of the school, reducing cost and time involved in managing cash counter

Also allows agents or channel users to register with the system

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