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Integrated Banking Software solution for Microfinance Organizations :

  • Maintain records of transactions and customer identification data
  • Easy integration to alternate channels, such as POS, ATM and Mobile banking so that customers can access the financial services at their convenience.
  • Faster and convenient processing of transactions, loans and member registration
  • Easy and intuitive Demographic profiling to better monitor your Stakeholders
  • Accurate and efficient MIS Reports for analysis of profits and loss for the business
  • Customizable interest procedure that allows customers and businesses to enjoy the changing interest rates in the market
  • Easy import, export and data backup facility

We have developed an intuitive and robust banking solution for microfinance organizations that aims to simplify the usage of customer data and includes grants, loans, donors, investors and many more. This banking software system is designed to easily gather socio economic data, demographics, and performance indicators to better monitor your stakeholders. Our microfinance software will help you achieve growth at lower investments, keep track of your profits, and enrich your customer reach. Our software is recommended for any Micro Finance Institution (MFI) which wishes to rapidly spread over a vast geographical location without any significant increase in operating costs.

Software Features :

  • Multi currency/ multilingual user definable
  • Rescheduling / restructuring loans
  • Unlimited addition of loan type and deposits
  • Inbuilt pawning and leasing module
  • CRM module: captures all customer information
  • Customizable Event Driven Interest Procedure (EDIP)

How will it help your business ?

  • Business growth
  • Group meetings and scheduling synchronization
  • Salaried loans eligibility set up
  • Refinancing loans / top-ups
  • Increase in income for the business owner
  • Regulatory bank reporting
  • Detailed loan management
  • Higher credit ratings
  • Batch disbursements / pay offs / rescheduling
  • Loan history tracking
  • Credit scoring module
  • Social support programs
  • Asset development

The integrated solutions that will be provided are :

POS ATM Mobile Banking Internet Banking Vendor Solutions

24x7 software assistance; after sales service and maintenance support.

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