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Our Teams

Our teams of online marketing professionals at CBonline are highly experienced with handling multiple projects and clients. The team's experience and training ensures their success in almost all the projects that they handle. They are also proficient in providing the best online marketing plans and solutions with an eye on your budget. Therefore you won't have to think twice before investing in your own online marketing campaign as they will be both effective as well as cheap.

The Team is primarily divided into four parts :

The Managers : The Managers in the team are the oldest and most experienced staff whose prime duty is to keep the work flow going with minimum hitches. They are also tasked with the job to communicate the major developments and detailed status of the project to the clients.

The Developers : The Developers are tasked with the designing and development of the client website according to search engine norms. At the same time, they also ensure that the site is attractive enough for the customer and subsequently providing all necessary data.

The Marketing Team : The Marketing guys use a variety of white hat techniques that include SEO services, link building, keyword research, etc. to ensure the top position for your site.

The Content Development Team : The Content Developers primary work profile is to continuously churn out unique content for the site.

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